Epochs & Timelock


  • 1-epoch = 6-hours.

  • When staking/locking your PRNTR in the printing room, you have to wait 6 epochs before being able to withdraw PRNTR tokens.

  • Rewards (PAPR) may be claimed after every 3 epochs. When you claim your rewards, your staked PRNTRs' lock timer will reset to 6 epochs.

  • When withdrawing your PRNTR from the printing room "Exiting", your reward also gets claimed with it.

    Why is this done?

    Locking the PRNTR for a duration of 6 epoch helps reduce and mitigate the volatility and dump behaviors of some individuals, strengthening the PRNTR token. Indeed, the price of PRNTR is an important element to maintain good APRs on the pools/returns.

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