New Mechanisms - Part 2

After observing market behaviors on the original mechanism, launched on BSC, we confirmed that we had successfully "cracked the code" on algo stables. PAPR's peg holds with extreme reliability and robustness. However, we innovate, we can't help it; we had a new vision for an even stronger ecosystem. One which rewards and incentivizes hodlers, not dumpers. After months of design and testing, we brought the following innovations to both PAPR and PRNTR tokens:

These upgrades will obviously benefit the PAPR Ecosystems on Polygon, Fantom, and future blockchain launches, which employ the new mechanics; but, they also benefit the original BSC launch (which does not possess these specific mechanics. How? The Origami Bridge (release November 2021) PAPR will be tradeable 1:1 between chains, thanks to the Origami Bridge

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