New Mechanisms

With lessons learned from the mistakes of our competitors and predecessors. We set out to do something new. Invent new mechanisms to construct a stablecoin work under real world stress.


Burning PAPR is one side of the peg balancing equation, which targets meeting actual demand. Burn rate is the name of the fee mechanics implemented across the entire PAPR ecosystem. Here are the different PAPR ECO platforms and featured products which participate in contributing to collecting the burn rate:

  • Vaults

  • PaprJobs - a freelance platform

  • Marketplaces transactions (NFT and more)

  • DEX functions (driven by the innovation of our tech)

  • Selling

  • More TBA!

    NOTE: The auto-burn system has been

    implemented to automatically burn PAPR. No person needs to remember, it just happens; a living ecosystem.


To secure against bots and swing traders from manipulating the PAPR token, auto-burn universally applies to PAPR sales, with dynamic varying to its burn rate and a few other factors who's technical complexities are far beyond the scope of this document.

Example of Scenarios

  • If PAPR's price goes under $1, auto-burn is able to react and adjust burn-rate in the range of 1% up to 30% (in extreme cases). When someone sells under this threshold, the burn-rate is applied automatically. The starting rate in this specific extreme case would be of 25%.

  • If PAPR is over $1, an auto-burn from 1% up to 30% is applied to balance the expansion of the total supply.

    The community will have the future possibility to vote for a

    preferred auto-burn fee rate. Governed by their represented ownership of the PRNTR token.

Additional Printing

A coefficient on the expansion rate is applied, depending on the price of PAPR. If PAPR is over $1.50, an additional 1% of the expansion rate will be added every $0.10 above $1.50. For example, if the TWAP (time-weighted average price) of PAPR is $1.86, and the expansion rate is 3.5%, this implies 3 additional coefficient increments to be added ($0.10 + $0.10 + $0.10, for a final figure of $1.80). The expansion rate will be 3.5% * 1.03 = 3.605% The formula: Exp.Rate = (Exp.Rate(1 + applied coeff) will become active when enough use-cases are released and are generating appropriate demand.


These concepts may be difficult to comprehend; see the diagrams below to better understand.

  • "Fees" automatically burn PAPR. Further down the life-cycle, fees from the ecosystem also are used for PAPR buybacks, depending on its price and position in the market.

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