Algorithmic Stablecoin Principles

PAPR is an algorithmic stablecoin with seigniorage, running on the Binance Smart Chain, the Polygon Blockchain, the Fantom Opera Blockchain, and soon the KuCoin Community Chain. Inspired by BasisCash, bDollar, and other stablecoins that have been tried on different blockchains, PAPR's purpose is to be a stablecoin that will efficiently peg to a US dollar (pegged to 1 BUSD/USDC). The idea is to balance the total supply of PAPR through printing; the way a central bank would, but also by burning supply when it is is too high, thus sticking to the real demand. As many algorithmic stablecoins have failed to maintain their peg, our team designed and innovated completely new mechanisms to make PAPR, our “cash” token, robustly stable. Those mechanisms are proper to the PaprPrintr algorithm, and will serve the different platforms created over time. While our competitors are good at printing cash, they often forget or fail to properly destroy surplus on the market. We will demonstrate how we plan to burn more, but first, let us explain the basics of our algorithmic stablecoin.

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