LAZR PRINTR : easy LP pairing

Easily pair LPs. We have a tool for you to directly sell your BNB/Matic/FTM for LPs of your choosing. The pairing choices on BSC are PAPR-BUSD or PRNTR-BUSD; and the pairing options on Poly/FTM are PAPR-USDC or PRNTR-USDC. Saving you the hassle of manual DEX pairing; uncomplicating your life, making it an easy one step process. Freeing you to focus on your moves and goals. And without any fee!

HOW? The LAZR PRINTR does all the approvals required for the pairing, splits your currency into halves, sells it for the two desired currencies needed for pairing, and finally pairs them into the LP token; all in one easy step for you! The perfect tool for the lazy ones ;)

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