New Innovation: Permaburn

Thanks to the new permaburn mechanism, brought to you by PaprPrintr, we now have the most powerful tool ever conceived to maintain peg price above $1. When PAPR is paired with another token to create a LP token, a percentage of PAPR will automatically be burned; in accordance with the current burn rate level at a given time. This new tool will help preventing PAPR from going under the critical $1 threshold; ensuring an additional burn. Follow through this example to see for yourself:

As you can see, this concept is very innovative, and it gives users the highest level of safety to HODL! Providing liquidity is now safer than ever; as this new mechanism further strengthens PAPR burning to maintain the peg. This system also works when putting your LPs into vaults, permanently burning and building liquidity lock with each cycle of compounding. This new innovation is very advanced and representative next generation investing. Join the excitement of being on the cutting edge!

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